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Friday, 29 July 2011

Go Home Crowds!

Earlier this week Bishop Auckland was reported in the papers and on telly for having the cheapest fuel in England!
Until then not many people even knew where Bishop Auckland was.
Half the county and some of the rest of the country is now queued up for it.
The new Sainsbury's and Tesco's, which have been built to the west of us on the old coalmine site and some other wasteland, are having a local fuel price war in an attempt to lure the greater number of new shoppers to their site.
Well it has sort of worked and the cars/vans/caravans and lorries are all there stretching nearly all the way back to our house. I don't know that many of them are also shopping for food or whether they are just filling up and driving on but it has reminded us what much of the traffic in central and southern England is like. And we don't like it. We have spat the dummy and won't take our car out again today. We might have to go to the farm shop for meat supplies on our bike.
Got that off my chest!!!
Cheers Gillian


Bridget said...

Some of them are probably wasting what they think they have saved travelling there.

carol said...

Where are you? I'm back from my hols and need entertaining! ;-)