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Sunday, 18 March 2012

All Is Not Lost...There Is Amazing Aldeburgh!!!

Yes Thankyou!!!
I had a lovely holiday this time.
As a Geography teacher, I have spent a lot of time teaching physical, coastal geography. The chapter in which-ever text book I chose to use, has had the same famous examples. I taught them to Australians even though I had never been to some of the places in the books.
I have now.

The scallop shell is on Aldeborough shingle beach. The house is "The House in the Clouds" at Thorpeness a couple of miles north of Aldeburgh.
Thorpeness is really lovely and the Emporium is well worth a browse.
Snape Maltings are also worth a visit but take your purse because the major entertainment is buying stuff.

The lighthouse is at Southwold. It was really cold when we got there. But it would be a grand resort if the sun shone and no-one else knew it was there.

And this lovely lady is driving around on a Sakura moped. It needs no license, insurance, crash helmet!!! (we passed her while she was wearing a headscarf...QE2 style), or road tax. It costs £650 on road and goes 15mph max and carries 16stone max. I shall have to lose some weight so that I can get the shopping on as well. You can plug it in at home to charge it up for what seems to be very little money.

Aldeborough is famous for the fishing vessels that pull up on the beach and sell fish from the shed next door. We bought £8.50 worth of cod fillet and have had...pan-fried cod last night, fish cakes (cod, salmon, leek & potato) tonight, and probably Cataplana (fish, tomato, potato, spices) tomorrow.
We are so glad to be back,though, and basking in the comfort we have created here.

Cheers Gillian

ps... the wonderful hotel where we stayed was The White Lion.


carol said...

Fresh fish - nothing to beat it. I always regret not visiting Snape whilst living in England, and now just miss the pretty English towns with half-timbered houses etc.
Don't miss the traffic however and would be terrified on one of those mopeds!

Gillian said...

You are so so right. She was only doing 15mph but the rest of us (and there were many) were going much faster.
Cheers Gillian

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

How come you chose the week to visit Suffolk coast, [we live 20 miles away] when we were in Kent. Such a shame - I know where to get the best fish and chips. Glad you enjoyed it all tho.

Gillian said...

I knew we were going but I thought it was later on so it all just happened. I'll get the fish and chips recommendation off you for next time!
Cheers Gillian