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Friday, 23 March 2012

North Yorkshire Coast Is the Best!

The weather has been wonderful and so we have been taking our "transportable conservatory" away to the seaside. We have chosen to approach Whitby via the coast road through Sandsend. This allows us to check out how the parking-cliffside is going at Sandsend before heading off to West Cliff at Whitby to find a spot near the lift, toilet block and the benches. These are all desirable amenities. It's possible to walk down, through the town to the Eateries. We were disappointed , though, with Hadleys, across the Bridge.

I ordered the blackboard special of "our homemade fabulous fish pie".

It was £8.25 so I thought it would be a delicious combination of seafood and fish in a creamy white sauce topped with mashed potato. It didn't say it was going to be that. I just assumed it was by the blackboard description and previous deliveries in previous restaurants.

It was quite dreadful. I dug down into the brown pottery dish (best part) and un-rolled the bottom of a burnt fish. It continued, rather like unrollimg an old piece of carpet. There was no sauce, there were some green strands and some brown bits of fish fossil.

I went to the counter where things happen and told them that I was surprised by the state of the fish pie. They offered no explanation or apology but gave me the menu to choose again!!!

I ended up with some scampi. DJ had haddock as usual and declared it just fine.

The sea made wonderful patterns on the beach and I found some great pebbles, one of which is a beautiful ammonite...or will be if I can open it.

I shall have a go at paintimg all this seascape stuff.

Paul Dillon has said he will take me into his oil painting class next term so that I can learn some techniques and improve my practices.

This enormous piece of green rock is not native to these parts. I think it has probably broken away from the great dumps of rock from Scotland that are used along these soft cliffs as protection from the waves. It has touches of schist and gneiss about it indicating metamorphic influences. Must come from the north or west.

The weather has been great. Tomorrow promises to be better on the western side of the Pennines so it may be worth a trip over to the Lakes.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Beautiful photos, shudder-making experience with fish pie - and that green rock definitely looks as if it has been half-inched from Scotland. I was admiring a necklace of polished green stones round a customer's neck this morning, they came from Iona.

Keith Harris said...

Nice photos; nice story. Have read and heard much of Whitby ("Heartbeat" replays and Peter Robinson novels!) and regret having not included it in our itinerary on our only visit to Yorkshire, 6 years ago.