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Friday, 7 September 2012

The Changing View at Seaton Carew

These last few days have been really lovely. I wouldn't call it an "Indian Summer". It is too breezy and anyway the original inhabitants of North America weren't "Indians", and the balmy late summers are named after a North American phenomenon. The explorers thought that they had reached India. The residents were dark but slightly reddish....hence Red Indians. The "fall" brought weather like we are having now and became an "Indian Summer".
We were down at Seaton Carew last week. There were some people, probably gypsies or tinkers, taking their horses for some exercise in the sea. One bloke was simply exercising his horse and trap. He led it into the sea and other, more nervous horses followed it.
This one was in the sea for the first time. Ridden bare-back down the beach from the carpark, where the horse-box was parked and then followed by the next one.
They all had a grand time in the sea.
I have a fascination with Seaton Carew Beach and have photographed it and painted it...
This is the view of the Steel Works at Redcar...
This is a bloke on the beach...
And this is it at home.
BIG PROBLEM is ...What do you do when your ceiling is too low for your easel? Do you really cut a bit off the top. I paint happily on the table-top easel but I have looked forward to this stand up easel so much and so I'm a bit disappointed that it can't be  raised to my standing level. As you can see it is not able to be raised any further. The rest of the house has higher ceilings but the rooms are already designated for other uses...bed, bath,TV etc.
I bought a great, big cheap canvas at Lidl for £5 and the easel off Amazon for £60 so the easel is more important than the canvas.
Cheers for now and hope you all have some good ideas.


love those cupcakes said...

I love this stretch of the north east coast (we were at Saltburn today).

Your post reminded me of the time, years ago, I was a trainee social worker and on placement at a community project near Seaton Carew. There were lots of horses, like those in your pictures, around, which the children would ride bareback. Then, at the end of the day, the horses would be taken inside their homes!

Sorry, nothing to suggest to resolve your easel problem other than cutting a hole in the ceiling.

love those cupcakes said...

Just joking!

helen tilston said...

What a beautiful site of the horses exercising in the ocean/

May I suggest you cut a few inches from the top of the easel.

Wishing you great painting days


Anonymous said...

Your paintings are amazing! I love seeing the horses enjoying some surf time. You simply need a new easel for studio painting. The tall fellow can be used for outdoor artwork.