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Wednesday, 26 September 2012


We often go down to the Wear River, which flows just to the north of Bishop Auckland, and walk along its banks while watching the water tumble along. It can be a deadly trap to people playing in or near it. A young lad was drowned last year and a 16 year old boy drowned just a couple of weeks ago. It was the last of the "hot" days and he was bathing in the river with friends and got into difficulties. The river has narrow fast stretches full of weeds.
The river has changed since then into a raging torrent throughout. The same rains which have closed the A1 for forty miles have cut both roads from here to Darlington, and have filled the river to bursting point. The city of Durham is awash and large areas are under water. This is the bench where we often sit and watch the water meander past. If you can't get the video to work, this is a still of the same part.
The water is not only fast moving but very deep. The bench is usually many feet above the water level and a footpath goes along in front of it on  the top of the river bank.
Nearby, there is a terrace of cottages near the viaduct and the first one is aptly called "Wear Cottage". Unfortunatel it is below the level of the river right now! The river is behind the levee bank in the right of the pic.
The home-owners and their next door neighbours are pumping out the overflowing drain so that they can sweep their own overflow into it. The blue pipe leads over the levee and into the river. While we stopped and chatted for a few minutes the level of the excess rainwater rose inches to cover DJ's feet. They were losing the battle then... and it went on raining all day.

We were badly upset when the rain came through our roof and down the walls from the newly rebuilt chimneys! We thought we had that problem fixed.  But we have little to worry about in comparison with some others. I hope you are all staying dry.
Cheers Gillian


love those cupcakes said...

That was some downpour! We had some slight flooding in the kitchen but it was from my overfull bath, apparently.

carol said...

So sad for everyone affected. I wondered it was all happening close to you. I hope you stay dry.

helen tilston said...

Hello Gillian

What a worry for those living near the river. So beautiful in summer and so threatening when there is rain.
I hope your chimney problem gets resolved quickly.

Have a great week

Helen xx

Lyn said...

oh it is awful isn't it?
it has been a terrible year for floods. hope you get sorted soon.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

I lived in Durham City for 3 years and never saw nought like that [video works]
So sorry to read of leaky chimneys, probably a one off like the floods........hopefully.