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Friday, 12 October 2012


Tinker has been reluctant to play outside without us present. Her indoor cat's corner was invaded by a tom cat from up the road who ate her food and tried drowning her toys in her water fountain. He frequents her outdoor area too and uses our courtyard as a short cut! He even came in one afternoon recently but made a rapid exit when he realised I was there.
So the cat flap has been closed when she has been left alone. It was decided to fit a new cat flap which would operate only for her microchip....voila!!!
Behold the Mikrochipgesteuerte Katzenklappe. Amazon responded so promptly.
The old flap had been professionally fitted by the bloke who made the door, so we were a bit worried about the mess we could make trying to take it out and put the new one in. But would you believe it?
The new one fitted in the same hole in the door, absolutely perfectly. There were just the right number of good batteries in the spare battery basket and she was popped out of the flap before she knew what was happening. The mechanism went click and she was registered. Then I sat there with a tasty morsel of chicken to await her return. And waited. And waited. She was not fond of making the return journey and in the end I had to go outside and shove her through in rather an ungainly fashion. But it's all done now and she is still looking round the area in case some chicken was left behind.
It will take her a while to be confident enough to believe that the tom cat is not lurking on the other side waiting to come in and steal her stuff. And she will have to get used to the different shape of the flap entry but  it's a relief to us to know that it all works.
Cheers Gillian

A short while later I tempted her out into the yard with a new feather toy and then left her to see if she would come back in through the cat flap.
She would have if she hadn't been determined to bring her new toy in with her! She had a couple of goes and then I had to let her in the door. 


Lyn said...

oh how cute! I am sure she will get use to it. Lucy was bullied this year and now only goes out with one of us, but she is old and sleeps 23 hours a day anyway!

helen tilston said...

Hello Gillian
Poor Tinker having to concern herself with that bold tom cat.

What would happen when the batteries expire and she is outside?

Her new toy looks like a favourite

Helen xx

Gillian said...

Thanks Helen! I found a section in the manual which says there is a light which flashes to warn us when the batteries need changing!
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

Oh how cute is she. Those nasty tom cats never give up do they. We have a black fluffy tom cat who has decided to make friends with our little Lucy (who has just discovered how to get to the neighbour's yards) and meows outside our bedroom window. He does look very cute but I hate the meowing. Needless to say that Lucy will be off to the vets next week for a bit of an operation so we dont have any extra kitties! I do hope Tigger gets used to the cat flap and enjoys it outside again.

Jan said...

Dil's little abyssinian managed to wrangle a half dead but flapping pigeon through her cat door. She then secreted it in an upstairs cupboard in the office.

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