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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Beware the Cost of Cakes

The local news is called "The Bishop Press". I look forward to it because it is really local.

Someone pops it in our letter-box every weekend. Dear Evie was 104 this week and still enjoying life and that is good news. Not such good news is... how much it costs to make a cake!

I bet she wishes she had baked a cake at home.

For those of you who saw the arrival of the Dominion of  Canada on my post last week, here is another related picture. It is the bell. I think the Dominion of Canada was the only A4 locomotive to have a bell, and such a beauty too.
We popped over today to see how things were going and there was a big show of model railways. So many wonderful little railway scenes. So many blokes playing with enormously complicated train sets. All designed to be a real station or siding somewhere.
This is Bishop Auckland Station forty years ago, modelled and run by D.F.Newby.

Cheers Gillian

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