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Monday, 7 January 2013


The cat loves to watch the birds out of any available window. She also likes to climb up onto the crossbar and ballet-foot across the middle. We have windows that open awning-wise in all rooms so we needed to find a neat way to stop the window swinging open far enough to let her fall out from three storeys up.

This is the result. Well done DJ! We went to a lovely old fashioned ironmongers called Defty's up in Crook. DJ spotted the brass chain and that was it. We came home and fitted it to all windows.
Good thing we did!
You can see the muscular frame of the bengal cat in this pic. She isn't fully grown yet. She is strong and quite adult sized but still rushes around like a mad thing at least twice a day.
On Sunday we went north up the A1 and through the Tyne Tunnel to North Shields. We walked around the lower prom to Tynemouth. Past the old flats and Admiral Collingwood's statue.
I used to live in the Melbourne suburb 0f Collingwood for a few years and of course Collingwood is one of the major Aussie-Rules football teams in Oz.
The town of Tynemouth was very busy and the Metro Station Market was heaving. We wandered but bought nothing and then returned to North Shields for a "fish and chip" lunch.
However, there were many ahead of us, even at ten past midday. Obviously the Waterfront is the place to go.
We shall return.
Cheers Gillian


Sue said...

I think your kitty likes to be very adventurous. Sounds like you had a lovely day in Collingwood. Our fish shop has nearly had lines out the door like that lately with the hot weather too.

carol said...

There as a photo in our local paper of a kitty run built around three sides of a cat-lover'shouse. She has two cats and is afraid of the amount of antifreeze that's put down in gardens, sometimes to stop water features freezing over, sometimes, maliciously, to repel cats. They love the sweet taste and quite a number have died. A couple of cats that visited my garden (and were welcome) have disappeared. I hope they have moved home with their RAF owners but I'm afraid for them. My next door neighbour threw something at one once. Put me right off him!!

The run had ledges like sets of shelving so the cats could be high or low and get a good view of birds etc. It also had tree stumps and other amusements.Looked like fun.