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Thursday, 3 January 2013


Well, we tried it.
We went to the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool. We stayed for three nights...xmas eve, xmas and boxing night. We were looking forward to it. It was well advertised and seemed to be full of fun and activities. I wanted to be sure that the food would be good so read up on tripadvisor. We visited in the summer and selected a room overlooking the sea.

We arrived to find that we were not on a shared table, as had been offered. We were looking forward to joining in with some others (one of the reasons for going away is to have a party with others). We sat on a table for two throughout. It might have been a good thing, it might have not.
OK...I give the room 9/10. I give the hotel generally 9/10
I give the food 7/10. I give the entertainment 6 or 7/10. It was good but very much the same every night and they did the "save money" routine by having a "DISCO" which is a cheap name for playing a lot of records.
The weather was not too bad and we managed to walk a couple of times. DJ won a sheet of Bingo and got a bottle of wine. The pantomime "Cinderella" was on at the Grand Theatre and we had a great Boxing day afternoon. A lovely old toothless fairy/lady sat beside me in the Dress Circle. She was very old and had all her shopping with her and sang every word and responded with every "He's behind you!!!". She was so happy that she had been able to get a ticket just the day before. I was glad she had got a ticket too. The usual pantomime routine was great. Buttons was the star of the show and the "celebrity" from "Emmerdale" who played the Prince Charming was very lacking in voice and confidence.

The theatre was magnificent. We were so glad we had added some fun to our stay.

New Year was more exciting. The above is a picture that I finished for my Aunty for xmas. It is known as "Featherbed Rock" and is at Seaham Harbour. We used to go and climb around it when we were kids but I'm sure it was a lot bigger then.
The seas have been so big since last visit that they have exposed the wreck. It has been hidden under two metres of sand for a couple of years.
The new steps at Seaton Carew have at last, been re-exposed. I love numbers. I shall try to estimate the amount of sand which has been removed recently.
WIDTH  OF BEACH ....5,000m
LENGTH OF BEACH.....2,000m
Volume removed during high seas...20 million tonnes of sand
The Council are still working out a way to "FIX" the seafront!
There were lots of people out and about on NYD . It was sunny and mild. My favourite view was as above.
You'll probably find this weed in a picture soon.
Cheers Gillian


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Lots of it looks good. We went to Brighton for a few days a couple of years back. A bijeaux hotel along the front looking out on the burnt down W pier. The weather was atrocious, such a gale I was convinced that the wrought iron balcony which seemed to comprise half the room would be wrenched into the sea. Terrified. Clot. brighton isn't what it was either, seemed a lot more .....commercial. Used to be an arty town in my mind. Think you 2 did well considering.

helen tilston said...

Hello Gilly

The beach is beautiful. I love the ocean in winter. You painting captures the scene very well and I am sure your aunt is thrilled with this little gem.

A very Happy New Year


Lyn said...

We have never been away for Christmas (although my mum has been on a few over the years and has enjoyed them) we have been out for Christmas Day and that is great because there is no washing up! The hotel looks ok where you went and I enjoyed your wandering a too. Xxx

carol said...

I've always wanted to spend Christmas in an hotel; a rich aunt'n'uncle did it every year in the 60's. it sounded so glamorous! Maybe that was the 60's - better value all round. I'm glad you got some fun out of it, though I can't seriously imagine you not finding fun wherever you land!

The statistics remind me of that bit in Alice in Wonderland ' If seven maids with seven brooms...' The Walrus and the Carpenter I think, commenting on the amount of sand.

Nice seaweed.

love those cupcakes said...

Oh, I do love a panto and admit I'm like that old lady and join in everything, probably a bit too enthusiastically. We haven't been to the coast for a while but will be rectifying that next week. Happy New Year!