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Tuesday, 26 February 2013


No. Neither have I. Wild camels in Oz are large angry beasts which spit, growl and dribble so I declined a camel ride in the Sahara Desert and chose a horse and carriage ride instead. That still entailed getting dressed up in turban and thoab to keep the heat and sand out.
DJ and I climbed into the back of a "surrey with a fringe on top".
And our driver led the party out into the dunes.
As you can see they were not far behind. The camels were smaller than the Oz variety, dear little tame dromedaries, which plodded quietly along behind their camel masters. Not so calm, was our horse, which bolted through the sand dunes at the touch of leather whip from our driver and veered to a halt with the surrey embedded in the soft sand at an angle of 45 degrees and us with our turbans askew at the same angle.
We could have done with longer thoabs as we inspected the dunes and date palms on foot while we waited for the sunset. Always seem to be waiting for the sun!
And then we all came back to Sahara Douz hotel for Dinner and another day.
I shall always wonder if I should have given the camel ride a go.
Cheers Gillian


Lyn said...

Oh now that does look exciting those camel do look a bit uncomfortable mind so guess you made the right choice. Xxx

helen tilston said...

How exciting to be in the actual desert I am sure quite an adventure.
I rode a camel in Morocco, thirty years ago. It was quite a sensation and I don't believe I was in charge, the camel did as he pleased.

Helen xx

Sue said...

Wow looks like an exciting adventure Gillian. I think perhaps you may have been cooler in the carriage than on the camel

love those cupcakes said...

No, I haven't ridden a camel either. But I have gone up a steep incline on the back of an energetic elephant.

carol said...

Sexy get-up! So adventurous of you. it looks mazing.
when I as about 8yrs old I was bitten by a camel at Whipsnade zoo. My only claim to knowledge of them. It didn't put me off.They have character.