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Monday, 4 March 2013

Pots of Pots and Pets and Pics

These pots were lying around on the beach at the hotel in Hammamet, waiting for the summer season to start. They will then be placed at each beach cabana as an ashtray. Smoking is still an acceptable pastime in Tunisia! and ashtrays abound. These pots are a metre high and will be filled with beach sand.
The hotel had a more environmentally friendly set up with other pots around the grounds of the resort.

And at the architectural reclamation yard at the end of the road nearby were what purported to be some very old pots.
And a very grand old door if you have a grand doorway to fit it!
As we travelled the country there were many shops selling pots of all shapes and sizes just like this. I'm not sure what they can all be used for.
We couldn't bring any home because they were a bit large. We didn't bring any of the cats either.
Pets are not treated as they are here (well! in this house anyway) and street cats lived in small tribes near food supplies.

Tinker has just celebrated her first birthday and after a bowl of chicken she inspected the wrapping of the gift the postman had just delivered.

What a difference!
A quick trip to Darlington today to check out the Crown Street Gallery in case I had a picture exhibited. I submitted four, but we were warned that there was limited space. To my delight, two had been selected.
These are two of my favourites and earliest oils. The top one is "Dave Daydreaming" and the bottom one is "Not a Cloud in the Sky".
A real artist at last!
Cheers Gillian


joy said...

wow, fabulous paintings, well done xx

love those cupcakes said...

I've really enjoyed your holiday posts as that's a part of the world I haven't visited. Congratulations on having two of your pictures exhibited. You should be well chuffed!

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Lovely posts and really good news re paintings.

carol said...

They chose well but you don't need them to tell you you're a real artists - you've got us, silly lady!

The same proliferation of pots is to be found in Greece (or was when I was last there.) Lots found their way into the more middle class gardens but I think they also have built-in obsolescence. It's a shame they are destined for such insalubrious usage.

trish said...

You must be so proud!I'm proud of you as always.There isn't an artform or craft you haven't been able to master. Are you selling them or just exhibiting?
I think you would regret parting with them but I suppose there is limited wallspace.
Great holiday photos and info.357