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Friday, 29 March 2013


We stayed at an hotel a few miles out of Bath and travelled in by train from Chippenham for the day. The station is fairly close to the town/city centre and we soon walked into this view. Not very far from here you can get an enticing view over the walls into the baths. The next thing is to go and buy a ticket. If you are old enough, the cost is £11. Well worth it I say!
I managed to get a shot of the baths "sans" tourists.  We walked around with large mobile phones attached to our ears telling us all about the Romans who lived and bathed here. The goddess Minerva...
...Supposedly gold. The original must be in a vault somewhere. She is really beautiful.
DJ stopped for a word with a bloke in a cloak. "Are you really a Roman?" he asked. "No" said the bloke, "I'm a local tribesman from a village near here". It's true that the Romans sent their legions to places far from home so that they would not desert ranks easily and many eventually stayed and got married and added their Syrian DNA to the rest of the local stock around Britain.
After a couple of hours enjoying the Roman Baths and the Museum we went forth...... Upwards and Onwards...towards The Royal Crescent. A very grand terrace. Close up, I found it quite bare but I suppose there are rules and regulations controlling whether or not you can even have a window box.
Further into town is "The Circus". I think if I could own property in Bath, this would be it, in preference to the Crescent. It's close to town and you look onto likewise stuff.
Not sure if this clever tightrope artiste was also a clever violinist. The music continued after he did!
Glad as usual to be back home.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Such a beautiful city! I did visit once long long ago. I love the bloke-in-a-cloak and the cheating tight-rope walker.

We could have dome without the Romans IMO. I blame them for the Tories.

love those cupcakes said...

Lovely pictures. I've never visited Bath either but it's on the list.

heideho said...

I would love to see Bath, but I don't think I'd want to go into the water. There have been a lot of bodies in there over the centuries, and even with the water flowing, it would still be like germ soup. You could make a tourist guide with all of your travels.