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Thursday, 4 April 2013

"Hello" From Hester

On a recent bus journey to Newcastle I passed a bric-brac shop in Chester-le-Street. From the top deck, you can see all the shop windows and the bus goes slowly enough to have a really good look. I've been back and forth a few times and noticed Hester. I pointed her out to DJ and suggested that we give her a home. She was naked with her arms in the air and appeared to be waving to all the passers-by.
I went there this morning to see if the owner would sell her. I tried to be cool and uninterested but I'm sure he saw me coming. "£100 nothing less!" he said. "I can get more custom from letting her hang around in the window than from selling her to you for a few quid", he said. So I paid up.
We have a few bodies around the house already.

Doris the doorkeeper looks after the scarves, gloves and hats.
Percy looks after the paper towel.
Wally waits patiently.
Cocky keeps an eye on the world...
Madame and Little boy guard the sitting room sideboard and.... here is Hester, the mistress of the snug. She has been named "Hester from Chester-le-Street".  I only had to walk a short way down the street to spot this lovely hat in a charity shop. I hope she will be seen in later posts in new and wonderful head adornments.
She makes us aware of a presence when we enter the snug where she sits happily and quietly in the corner and Tinkie has got used to her already. She can't see out of the window, though, because sadly her head doesn't turn but she may well turn the heads of those who pass by outside.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Just a bit spooky but very stylish. Welcome Hester!

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Lovely. But families can be expensive. I was lucky, we have one mannequin from a skip who now sits in my shed, waiting for company in the summer. A cold time she has had of it this year. And one dress form on a stand [no head]she patrols at the top of the stairs wearing my scarves. Plus various heads, wearing various hats. Our house is too small for more.

trish said...

No-one can say that you two rattle around in your house.Plenty of company,a friend in every room!