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Monday, 8 April 2013


It's April and there is still plenty of snow on top of the Pennines!
On Saturday we took the van to the seaside and had a lovely session of newspaper reading , coffee making and salad-roll building. It was grand to see blue sky and mild enough to walk outside without hats, scarves and gloves.
But on Sunday we went the other way and found the top of the Pennines still deep in snow drifts.
It's patchy in places but many feet deep in the sheltered drifts.
We cleared the watershed ( or snowshed in this case) The far sign on the left, greets travellers to Teesdale and thanks us for having visited Weardale. It's high up here and there is only one way of getting here.
But fortunately when you have reached the top it's great going down. Some very hardy cyclists were out in both directions. Many congratulations to all of them.
We eventually stopped at Eggleston Hall Nursery to buy a new tree for the garden and park up to put the kettle on and make lunch and use their lovely toilets and explore their lovely shop.
It was quite sunny by the time we got that far down the Dales again and mild enough to saunter around outside.
Today it's back to very chilly again and a flurry of frozen precipitation hit the window as I arrived for yoga at the Redworth early this afternoon.
Maybe it will all be fine again by next weekend. Maybe...
Cheers Gillian

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love those cupcakes said...

That's a lot of snow! I'm not too familiar with the area though we've discovered my father's family (he was orphaned at 5 and had very little info about his parents) came to the Boro from Weardale. Like the sound of that nursery. Have a lovely weekend.