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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Home and Away

Now that we are retired we can go away whenever we like. Having been a teacher for all my working life, I also relish being able to travel during term times. But travel costs money so DJ keeps an eye on the internet travel sites and recently found an overnight trip to The Otterburn Castle Hotel.... dinner, wine, bed and breakfast in a glorious hotel for less than £90 per double. Only an hour away so not to be missed!
We started off with a brief stop at The Angel of The North. I've only seen it from a vehicle before. It is amazingly enormous close up. I reach just above his ankle.

We then travelled on to see the large statues out in the sea at Newbiggin-on-Sea. It was very misty and they were only just visible.
So you can see them better on this link.

Then we journeyed on to Rothbury. Quite a circuitous route because of flood damage to the main road from the east. It's a delightfully pretty village even on a grey weather day. Friends with us had been before and had  bought sausages from the butcher and had even had them sent south!!! We came away with bags of sausages of many flavours. There is a link here for Rothbury and here for the butcher.

A few miles more over the moors of The Cheviots and The Northumberland National Park and we came to Otterburn. We stopped first at Otterburn Mill for a sandwich and a cuppa but sadly the kitchen staff in the cafe had gone home after lunch and so we had to settle for a push-button coffee and some stale cake. The shop was no more exciting. Too much emphasis on microfibre and sportswear. I expected some wool and woven wool at that. I shan't bother you with a link.

Luckily the hotel was not far away. It was a grand looking place with a long and mixed history and lots of character.
We had a delightful room. Our friends, having booked later, got a family suite in the tower! Sometimes it pays to delay.
The food was really good, the wine was grand and we adjourned to a sitting room with a roaring fire and some crack with the other guests. The bed was big and firm, the bathroom full of white towelling robes and other goodies and the breakfast was everything you could want. I heartily recommend the Otterburn Castle Hotel.

On the way home we visited Kielder Water. We wanted to familiarise ourselves with the layout and the camping site access. It was miserable weather but the whole place still managed to be awesome. We shall return when there is some sun and milder weather. It will only take an hour and a half even in the campervan.

Back home and I'm returning to the 5/2 fasting regime and have found a new yoga group. I've only been once but it is close and comfy with a small friendly group so I shall get going again. It's a bit sad when you can't stand on one leg without wobbling.

A new me will be ready for the next bout of days away which is not far off!!!
Cheers Gillian


hippyhat said...

Hello :D it's been a while since I called in :D lovely little trip that, must be back up that way again before too long, fabulous walking territory. Big skies too. Keeping busy here in Ferryhill with healthy pursuits including starting to run at aged fifty seven. Wonder how old I'll be when I stop!
And good on you for the art on display!!
xx pamela xx

love those cupcakes said...

Yes, I do like that freedom of being able to go away at any time. I've never been up close to The Angel but visited lovely Kielder a couple of years ago when we were holidaying near Hexham. Having a go at yoga, too, in the spare room with a couple of dvds!