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Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Great Gathering of A4s Locomotives and some other Stuff

DJ got a small remote control helicopter from Lidl. Billy loves it.
When DJ gets more adept at moving the could become a fair battle, but in the meantime it crashes a bit and Billy hasn't caught it while it's moving. Probably a good thing.
Anyway, we went off to Shildon to watch the " Mallard" arrive. It was pulled in by the "Union of South Africa", steaming away at the front. The other four A4s will arrive during the week.
These engines will all be on show the week after next at Shildon. We went back today to see how they were settling in.
The Mallard is inside the big shed and the UOSA is parked right behind it and someone else's little girl is standing in front to show us all how big it really is.. They are here to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Mallard setting the world speed record for a steam engine.
126mph in 1938. Never beaten!!! Engines from all over the world have been recalled and refurbished so that they can line up to celebrate together. There are six left. They will all be there...
The Mallard
The Sir Nigel Gresley
The Bittern
The Union of South Africa
The Dominion of Canada
The Dwight D Eisenhower

I've got a breadmaker. There will be more about that as I gain confidence.
Over at Seaton Carew more waves are bringing in more sand. We wont need to descend the steps to the beach soon but  at least we have sand coming in and not water. There are properties for sale along the coast. which I used to lust after. Now, I'm not so sure!

DJ got me a Wasgij for xmas. The picture on the box shows the situation ten seconds BEFORE the completed jigsaw result. First of all I worked out who did it. Then I worked out the picture. It took quite a few days to complete it.
That's about it for now
Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

What a happy selection of events. I so miss he days when my g'son was wild about those helicopters. Maybe I should get one for myself! Splendid old engines and - what is this weird jigsaw that is also a whodunnit? As always I am running along behind.