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Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Old Peculier at Masham

A couple of weeks ago there was an item on the news about Masham (pronounced Massam). It is a short drive to the west of the A1 in North Yorkshire, but since the road upgrade it has lost its official signpost. The good folk of Masham have overcome that by putting up one of their own. Officialdom keeps ordering them to take it down.
So we decided to journey over and see what it's like there. I have been over to Artison nearby, for art courses but have not spent time looking round the town.
It's very pretty, lovely old buildings and market square and some interesting shops and as we wandered around the back streets we came upon one of their two breweries.
Theakstons was open for a tour!

There were only four of us and Emma may be more used to groups of forty but she did us a grand tour...
Showing us everything from the hops and malt...
To the vats and brewing vessels, many very old but still working well...
Right through to the brews themselves, quietly frothing away...
All the brews are ordered and each brew is the job of one small team from filling the first tub to cleaning the last vat to to labelling the firkins.
Different colours are different sizes and contents. The old oak barrels are stored in the yard too and used to make special orders.
After a good wander through all the stages, the final reward is a tasting of a range of the beers...
DJ sups a measure of "Old Peculier", one of his favourites.
There is another brewery on the other side of town called The Black Sheep Brewery, so guess where we are going next time!
Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

I love Old Peculiar. I use it in my Christmas puds and make sure there is enough over to drink. What an aromatic visit that must have been. Thank you for the great photos.