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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Baking More Bread and other Meals

I continue to use the breadmaker on a regular basis. I now also use it to make dough and free-form it into loaves. One to use and one to freeze. These are half and half ( white and brown flour) with some extra wheat germ and some seeds.
They are our staple at the moment.
 That same day DJ fancied some date and walnut cake. He followed the recipe exactly and the cake was great but half of  to stuck to the tin. Some of the remains were dug out and balanced on top and then glued down with some coffee icing. It was even better.
The last bits were thrown in a basin, splashed with Baileys and covered with caramel sauce from a holiday in Brittany! Specially delicious.
 The next day we fancied a Cataplana. This is a fish stew from Portugal and we emptied the freezer of fish portions and went on to make fish pie too. There is still one in the freezer.
Since these endeavours we have been away to Mallorca and I have just sorted those pics so that it will be posted next.
Our lives are closely connected to our food. The planning, the shopping, the prepping, the cooking and then the eating. Tonight it is a large pot of curry which will be divided into a couple of meals and some left over cooked potatoes will be saved to fry with tomorrow's steaks.
If there was more freezer space we would probably be able to bunker down for WWIII. Maybe not much to come out for  later though!
Cheers for now Gillian

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