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Thursday, 8 May 2014


Billy was glad to see us when we went to pick him up at the cattery. He came home and examined every corner of the place doing shouting noises and loud cat barks (stuff he must have learnt from the other cats at the cattery) and eventually settled down, ate a lot of food and followed us to bed.

Billy is darkening with age and looking more "blue" (dark grey really). He is still only 9 months old.
He has been more settled today but later on we realised that although we had brought back the duck called "chicken" and "easter bunny" the  finger puppet, the hair elastics had got lost and so he had to be given a new one. He usually only gets the old ones he steals from the dressing table in the bedroom.
All these possessions are kept, by him, close to his food bowl.
As you can see "easter bunny" is the present favourite and it and the new hair elastic have been put safely in the biscuit bowl.
Duck/chicken is kept close but is not so in favour at the moment.
Sadly Billy must return to the cattery later on whilst we while away more time elsewhere.
But the toys will go with him.
Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

He's a very intelligent and interesting personality your Billy. he looks slightly cross in the top photo - he'll be even crosser if you have the cheek to go away again without him.