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Thursday, 12 June 2014

A Fetching Etching and The Pilgrim Way At The End Of The Day (Lindisfarne)

I've had a lovely arty-farty week. My usual painting class on Wednesday was based on a photograph of "The Pilgrim Way at Lindisfarne" taken by our teacher Paul Dillon. We all enjoyed this one and here is my unfinished piece.
I still have to paint in the sinking sun. Definitely a make or break moment and all could be lost with a careless wipe of the paintbrush.
Then this morning I did an etching workshop at the Tom McGuinness Gallery at the Bishop Auckland Town Hall. Simple dry point on acetate sheet and then inked and printed on Tom's own enormous printing press, now owned by the Town Hall.
I felt like Goldilocks. The first was too inky, the second was not inky enough but the third one was just right!
Here is the best one in close-up. I am hoping to tint or wash the finished products and produce a set of "fine" cards. The ink is not waterproof so I'll have to be smart with the washes.
So here is is my first etching..."Cow Parsley in the Field"
Cheers for now

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