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Friday, 20 June 2014

Hamsterley Forest, Just Right For A Barbecue

It was such a lovely evening on Wednesday that we hopped in the Van and went up to Hamsterley Forest for a BBQ.

It was nearly empty. The air was still. The Bedburn Beck rippled by and we sat and read our books while the burgers cooked.
On Thursday we walked along Burnhouse lane...our regular walk and so much had grown since last week.
Today we took off for the Bowes Museum at Barnie to see the Hockney prints and caught the Coalminer-Painters' exhibit as well. Wonderful stuff!
It's still fine and we toyed with the idea of another barbie but the breeze has come up and it is a bit cooler this evening.
Cheers for now


Anonymous said...
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carol said...

Lovely place. You do know how to live. Wish I had seen the coal miners exhibition.