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Saturday, 4 July 2015

New Socks Walk To Whitby

The fine weather continued and so we took the camper to Sandsend. The tide was on its way out and Whitby beckoned. Its a good couple of miles so we strode off across the sand.

I wore my new socks and old plimsolls. It is now impossible to buy a pair of Rod Laver Adidas tennis shoes. So comfy! About halfway there I took a pic of Sandsend behind us...

...and then Whitby in front of us.

It doesn't look so far but it took us a while. I search the pebbles for interesting rocks as we go, and so I drift from tide-line to cliff scree.
As we approached Whitby there were more and more people, dogs, boats and school groups. The beach huts were partly opened and deckchairs were on the sand.

We sat on the prom to eat some cockles and mussels while we watched the woman harness up the donkeys.

It was warm and tiring enough to catch a bus back to Sandsend.

The fine days recently have also found us out and about with my sister and her husband, who were visiting. We took the beautiful A66 across to Cumria and headed for peaceful Ullswater. We caught the steamer from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding  and then back again for lunch. The pub garden had a riverside table for us and we ate lovely food while watching the ducklings and cygnets learn that humans can mean "food".

There are some truly lovely places to visit around here and the weather has seen us try a few of with your coffee at Archers, pretty Summerhill waterfall at Bowlees, beers on the village green at Heighington.  I hope we get some more good summer weather soon.

Cheers for now

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love those cupcakes said...

Oh yes, plenty of great spots here for great days out. Don't think I've been to Sandsend since I spent a week camping in the church hall many years ago. Myself and another social worker took a group of kids for a holiday (I drove the van) which went well till a couple of them decided to go shoplifting and then took to the hills!