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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Oh What A Lovely Camera!

This new camera lets me do photos of ME! What you do is set it all up on a pile of books to match your face level. Programme it to do delayed shot, which gives you 10 seconds, then rush around to the chair you've set up.....and POSE.

It took quite a few poses to get one as nice as this. I'm still searching the menu for the delete button for the rest!
While I wiled away the day visiting and shopping, Simon continued with his assault against the weeds.He has continued around the base of the white lilac and the ground is now awaiting planting. Money involved here but I'm happy to spend it on heritage.

I shall wait to see how well the books go at the auction at Tennants tomorrow before I buy up big in the plants division.

I bought a grand old mirror on ebay and we managed to mount it last week. I must admit that we didn't have any screws suitable but a quick trip to Focus, a mere 6 miles away and back, got us what we needed as you can see in the next pic.

It's Victorian rather than Georgian but is set on porcelain bun feet and suits the size of the room and mantle piece

There is a lovely mock Wernicke bookcase and the fire surrounds are a mixture of copper and brass. I shall get the fender out from the laundry tomorrow and finish off the "look".

We hung lots of pictures and arranged lots of furniture and got rid of wood-wormed prints.

There is no doubt that the front room has rising damp but a careful arrangement of furniture and prints will obscure that for a while. Luckily it is a "ready mixed" Dulux colour so I can just keep re-painting the bits that need it.

Cheers to all


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joco said...

That's the spirit!
"Them that live in old houses should lower their standards."

I have this embroidered on the wall. Self-defence. Otherwise you go under.

Covering flaking paint with a spare pane of secondary glazing, showing all the flakes lying behind it on the floor, didn't do the trick. No offers of repainting came forward. Now I make Himself hoover those corners and guess, what? He notices. And every so often some damp area receives attention.

BTW, your blog is an oasis in the blotancial ridden blog sphere. I hope you won't stop writing.
And BTW 2: zap any comment of mine that annoys you.

Will you be growing woad and weld? Fun for a while.
I envy you the super fine Merino you must have brought back with you. Like cashmere it is. 110 count?