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Sunday, 8 June 2008

Redumbrella...Having Fun Selling Books!

It was a wonderful June day, weatherwise, and about forty stalls set up at Raby Castle for a Plant, Food and Craft fair. So Redumbrella Books set up a secondhand bookstall in plant, food and craft books. I also added some light hearted "cat" books and some prints.

It was a well attended day with lots of chatting and fun between the stall holders and the visitors. I sold more than I expected and Archer's Jersey Ice Cream set up a kiosk next to me and the queue for the ice cream went past my stall. That provided me with captive browsers!!! The money raised by me will pay Simon for his work in the garden.

I made friends from the craft stalls and look forward to having Karen round for a spinning and dyeing session. When I got home I tried to cut some gum leaves off my own tree, to use for dyeing, but the best ones are growing out in the Wynd so I shall go down there with a step ladder and some shears tomorrow. The leaves will need to be thoroughly dried before use to get the most intense colour. In Australia, gum leaves are at their best for dyeing after a long dry season. This will obviously not happen to the tree at the bottom of my garden.

While I was earning some money at the fair, Simon was digging out the other two triangles. It was hot work and that was all he could do.

Tomorrow I shall buy some more bags of compost so that we can plant up these areas. I shall also buy some slug bait because the slugs are already getting to my precious lupins.

I let Tigger out for the first time tonight and she loved it all so much, she spent a couple of hours exploring before she came in. All the birds were on full cat-alert and the squawking and dive-bombing was spectacular. She is fairly careless of the jackdaws, but more worried by the blackbirds. I shall have to make sure that the slug bait is not to her taste.

She has already been on top of the wall, but has not yet climbed a tree. I think she will find that much to her liking.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Oh hooray - well done at the Fair!! I bet you did better than I did here in the shop Saturday.
I believe I recognise those folding bookcases - they are good aren't they!!

Titania said...

Hi Gillian, I have just found your garden through blotanical. I will sometimes open that well made garden gate and make a visit. Take care and happy gardening.