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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Wimbledon for Cats

Tigger has discovered Wimbledon. She started off by watching from the floor but it all became too tempting and... She had to get up for a closer look. Here she awaits Hawkeye's verdict on a line call!
What's that little blue thing that just ran on and stole the ball I was after?
Give it back! Oops, squashed Federer by mistake.
Maybe if I get right inside I'll be able to get the ball to play with. If Mum would get one of those new fangled, large, flat-screen tellies I'd be much better at tennis, and maybe golf too.
Cheers Gillian and Tigger


carol said...

What a gorgeously svelte figure she has! And the markings are like ocelot - watch out for Cruella Deville.

And don't buy a goldfish!!


Heide said...

Your kitty is stunningly beautiful. I love the tennis watching pictures.