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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Newby Hall

I was invited to join the Staindrop WI excursion to Newby Hall. This is a stately home in north Yorkshire and although lived in by the Compton family, is open to the public. It is wonderfully grand and houses a plethora of furniture, furnishings, pictures and china collected over the centuries. The present front door has a lawn at the end of the drive where I spotted this seat. I have the perfect spot in my garden for something just like this!

The view from the back door sweeps away into the distance over terraces and farmland and the prone conifer on the left makes a green waterfall onto the grass. There was very little time between rain bursts and exploring the lovely gardens was impossible.

There are hundreds of acres of parks and gardens around the hall and there was a craft fair, a polo match, and sculptors at work as we scuttled round. The terraces, ponds, herbaceous borders, walled rose garden, sculpture garden and plant shop all called, but the rain never stopped.

I shall have to return on a dry day to do the gardens justice. It is less than an hour away.

Can anyone beat this for a "back" door?

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

This was great but I wanted a pic of the Calendar girls, the plastic bag against the rain, and perhaps a shot of the one who need the bigger buns!

Oh heck. I've had too much wine....


Walled Garden said...

There is a pic of the calendar girls coming to you and no-one else,
Cheers Gillian

Heide said...

What a gorgeous estate! We have nothing like that here in the United States. Okay, so there have been lots of imitations, but not the real thing.