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Friday, 11 July 2008

The Carnival Comes to Town

Staindrop Carnival parade is tomorrow so I hope it stops raining soon. The Fair has been set up on the green outside my house and it all gets turned on tonight. There have been lots of trials and revving noises from the generator truck just outside which makes all the windows rattle!

I shall retire to the back bedroom and live in the kitchen for the weekend. Every time I turn off the Aga, the weather turns cold and wet so I have lit it again to bring on some fine warm days.

I bought some more shrubs from the New Row Farm nursery and if the weather clears I shall spend the weekend planting them. I dont feel like doing it in today's drizzle. And a walk is planned for Sunday. I don't mind walking in the rain because waterproofs work quite well but I hate it if it is windy, so that outing will depend on the weather too. I shall pray to the Aga god!

Cheers, Gillian

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