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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Aga God Shines on Parade

The sun shone for most of the day. True, it is toasty warm in my kitchen with the Aga on but Carnival day is a success and I think I can claim some small credit for the improvement in the weather. The parade came down the small road next to the houses on North Green because it costs too much to close the main road now that the police charge for such variances to the norm. The pipe band is passing D's house which has the old blacksmith's shop attached as its sitting roomThe Carnival Queen led the walking parade to the judging area. There were some great efforts as usual on these days, from so many mothers in particular. The Brownies won. They were the ones wearing the jungle outfits but I couldn't catch the title on the banner.There was a very good turnout and a long queue formed at the tarot card readers tent. These ladies are not in the queue, just resting and watching.

The day still continues with a rock band. They sound great and everyone is still out there dancing around.
At the last minute I decided to enter one of the village hall competitions called "recycled bag" by presenting a small bag made out of an old pair of pyjamas torn into strips and knotted and knitted!
To my great delight I came third and Yes reader, there were more than three entries! I got a certificate and my prize was the refund of my entry fee. It is true that the fourth bag presented was from one of the organisers and a close neighbour. A gesture of kindness to the newcomer, perhaps.

I'm already planning next year's entry. There were no entries in the "marmalade" class and V and I both realised that together we could have scooped the pool of prizes. The quiches and curd tarts (a delicious yorkshire bakery item) looked good. Floral entries were all impressive, but I'm the sort of flower arranger who plonks them in a vase, adds water and then pulls them into a vaguely symmetrical shape.

Cheers Gillian

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Absolutely brilliant! I love your blog!