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Saturday, 19 September 2009


Because there is a growing quantity of goods bought at sales and auctions, the need has come to sell some on. Much of this will be done through another blogsite set up for that purpose so that Walled Garden does not degenerate into an ad site. Please check it out.  It will be a fairly comprehensive catalogue of goods for sale and will change frequently.

A prize of an exquisite pair of vintage lace bobbins will be awarded for the first correct definition of the word "Bimmler" which is used in the new blog description.
Entries to be sent to

We are off to the Jake and Elwood show at the Darlo Civic Theatre tonight and yes! dear readers, we have the hats and shades and WILL wear them. Pics to follow in the next post.

Cheers Gillian


chillsider said...

tried to win the prize but altho I think I might know the answer, I can't answer all the questions to enable me to get on redumbrellabooks!

carol said...

Ditto! I love Magpies-R-us but it won't accept my contribution. I've had trouble of this ilk on a friend's sub-site.

carol said...

Re last - to make that a bit clearer - I got into Red Umbrella with ease but it won't take my comment.

Gillian said...

I tried making a comment on the red umbrella blog and it wouldn't accept it until I had signed into googlemail, which is my blog hoster. It worked then.
I hope all blog hosters work this way. I know that I can't comment on others'blogs until I have signed in.
I'm now seeing if the email link will work too.
Thanks for the comments
Cheers Gillian