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Sunday, 13 September 2009


Lots of real work goes on chez Redumbrella, but you don't want to see pictures of scaffolding which is up on the roof so that the chimneys can be fixed. There are seven fireplaces in this house and so the chimneys are a serious business. Even though I only plan to use the lounge fireplace for the "living flame" gas fire and the snug fireplace for the wood burning stove, the others need to be preserved too. They are integral to the house and its design and reflect its coal mining/early railway era origins.

The plasterer has been to repair the top floor ceilings which were damaged during the big rains a couple of months ago and the decorator comes next week. The carpet and bathroom vinyl is measured for and quoted and accepted.

The designs are done for the yard. The Building Regulations application is in for a new sewer drain for the new toilet placement so that it can be dug, inspected and covered before the yard is paved in November and I spent a happy day yesterday driving to Scunthorpe to pick up a heated towel rail/radiator for the new bathroom which was an ebay bargain, even with the £22 for petrol.

But there is still time for hobbies. I started some more art classes last week but nothing worth showing yet. I'm really out of practice!

Knitting, I can still do with my eyes shut, so I got out the white lambswool from Tunisia. It seems to be about the same yarn size as the Rowan Kid Silk Haze (seen here on the right).

The Tunisian lambswool knitted up into this long cobweb scarf which I have knotted at the ends to give its structure more substance. This was two strands on 15mm needles. It was 30 stitches and is about 2.2metres long.
I have decided to combine it with the Kid Silk Haze to do another one. This time the yarns will alternate over a twelve row sequence to give a gradual stripe. One strand of yarn will change at a time. Here it is, only up to its first change.
In between knitting I love doing puzzles. Crosswords, sudokus and jigsaws mainly. Here is the latest Jigsaw. I often buy my puzzles from charity shops but a couple ago I got nearly to the end and realised that there was a vital picture part missing. I binned it and bought a lovely "Beatles" one from Past Times, reduced of course.
The other day I spotted this one in Wilkos where I had gone to buy something completely washing liquid probably. I like the vignette style because once you have got the edging separated, each little section can be done. The edge is done. Now do I do more scarf or more jigsaw?

Don't worry! I found that missing edge piece at the bottom right hand corner. Just after I took the pic, I spotted it lying on top of the pile in the box. What a good omen! Just a vignette or two tonight and then I will sleep really well.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

The scarf looks so light and airy Gillian, beautiful. It seems you are quite busy with all your house fixings, just in time before you get colder weather. We just had a hot weekend, 30 already. I hate to see what summer will be like this year, HOT!!! I would say keep knitting, but then jigsaws are always lots of fun.

carol said...

Beautiful knitting. I just get into a snarl.

Redumbrella - haven't seen you use that name for a while. Any special reason?