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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


A short shopping trip to Maplins for some electronics bits and pieces for the lamps  exposed this little wonder. Or is it? I bought the necessaries to go with it.
Tigger checked it all out. She thinks it is OK but she doesn't understand what "automatic" means. There will be no-one at home if it is automatically working, but she will be cosy, well fed and watered and have access to the great outdoors, which will allow her to finish off the vole dynasty in the alley! More than a night away and she will go to the cattery but an over-nighter causes her too much distress from the car travel.

First of all, buy an automatic pet feeder. I got mine at Maplins, half price at £20. I don't think I would have got one at full price!!! Anyway it will still take the equivalent of five nights at the cattery to pay for it and its batteries. Then read the instructions and programmed it to open and announce  "Tigger-Tig, Tiggy, Tig its din-dins." I'm still waiting for it to do that and see how she responds because it will only do it at 8 hour intervals and that won't happen till 11.07 pm and I'm usually well in bed by then.

Gosh it gets really exciting here at night!!!

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Whatever next! The idea of this ghostly voice calling 'Here Tigger-Tigg-Tiggs' in the middle of the night brought on hysterical giggles. I do hope she likes it. So much nicer for her to stay home.

Gillian said...

Well....It went on again a couple of hours ago and Tigger ignored it. I called out to her to wake her up and she gave me one of those looks that cats are good at and went back to sleep.
I suppose I'll just leave her the automatic feeder, a load of Iams, a basin of water and hope all goes well.
Cheers Gillian