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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Oh Dear!

I ordered a mincer. My fantasy included making all my own, preservative-free mince from identifiable cuts of meat. I had dreams too, of making fine sausages and having acclaimed sausage sizzles on a BBQ in the garden. The aromas would cause passers-by to beg for a taste and offer me large sums of money for the recipe.
Tigger and I studied the instructions. They were very simple and she was very confident and encouraging.

But it didn't do anything that I expected it to. I went through half a loaf of bread and a pork chop (boneless!!!) and all I got was a large blockage. I took it out and reversed bits and re-assembled it in case something really simple had gone knife blade on back to front. The result was the same.
Usually when things don't work I press on determinedly until I resolve it, but this got taken apart, washed and re-boxed for another go another time. The pork chop got binned. And I am still disappointed.

Not as disappointed as the driver of this Wagon and Drag which took the roundabout at the end of the road with a bit too much gusto, today. He can't put this back together and have another go. The wagon is still almost upright but the second trailer is right over and they are still joined together. They had to unload all the contents onto other vehicles and then two cranes lifted the useless bits onto enormous flatbed trucks to get taken away.
I wasn't the only one there with a camera. An interested audience gathered for most of the afternoon. Enormous machines and enormous mistakes are always fascinating to watch.

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh no Gillian I hope you give it another go. I have a mincer and once I put the little holey part back to front and it wouldnt work properly. Mum and Dad used to use theirs all the time to make shepherd's pie and now I do the same, but with cooked beef instead of raw. I am sure Tigger would have loved helping. Did he use his instant feeder yet, it looks very handy.

chillsider said...

We used to have a mincer that looked like that too, for the shepherds pie that followed the roast lamb. as surely as Monday followed Sunday. Definitely had to get the holey thing in the right way round.

Gillian said...

The holey parts look the same on both sides!!!
Still seeking help.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Gillian where art thou??? Did you get rolled up in a carpet and lost for ever at the back of a garden shed?

Missing you.....

PS I still can't get the Red Umbrella blog to take my comments - I think I need a Google account and don't have one. :-(