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Friday, 16 October 2009


We were expecting guests so I ordered a large chicken from the local farm shop. We have always bought wonderful meat from there and were looking forward to a roast-dinner-feast. Clarissa weighed in at 3.3 kilos.Whether she was a retired athlete or whether my inexperience in cooking such large birds was at fault, I don't know but after the reasonably tender and very tasty breast meat was devoured, the rest of the meat refused to leave the carcass and fought valiantly against the attack of a very sharp knife.
The yorkshires were assisted with an extra spell in a very hot oven and ended up too black. The sprouts were overdone because they had to wait for the yorkshires. The parsnips could sole shoes because they had been in too long and the cauliflower cheese sauce had congealed because I had made it the day before to save time and used cheeses sauce granules. And we cannot for the life of us explain the green colour of the inner meat of the chicken. No!!! it wasn't grotty, it was a pretty pistacchio green confined to two small muscle areas. We didn't even give that to the cat.

A bit of a disaster really. But all the plates were clean so we must have been pretty hungry.

Mincers and Chickens should be bought in sizes to suit the task....

Cheers Gillian

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sue said...

Maybe next time you need 2 smaller chickens. That one looks huge and I dont know what the green bits would be, maybe livers or something. Was it a free range one. Pity about the cauliflower cheese, that is one of my favourites.