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Monday, 19 October 2009

Rain Frogs and Toads!

In this picture I hold a toad between my thumb and forefinger to show you how small a toad can be.In the north of England we have always called such small amphibia "rain frogs or rain toads" because they hatch very quickly after a bit of wet weather and seem to have come down with the rain. They don't last long.

Here he is again trying to get away. I believe they have them in Scotland too. I have even come across them in Australia.
This little one is only an inch long. Cute and harmless when small as this.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

They are sweet but they used to make me jump higher than them when I came across them under rocks in my last, damp, garden. Their camouflage is very good.

Often to be seen flattened on the roads sadly.

carol said...

Doh! I suddenly noticed what I'd missed - 'how small a toad can be.' Am I dumb or what!!

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In England toads breed faster along with other countries that are spread with more difficulty and slower, I don't know why this happens but it's a matter o nature.