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Monday, 8 March 2010


I'm leafing through decor mags, analglypta(yuk) wallpaper books, paint charts, and sundry other catalogues in order to "put together" the main bedroom. Having been advised that the bedroom ceiling should be papered in order to soften the blemishes in the plaster, I chose a cream damask vinyl paper. I'm now told that the sheen on the vinyl will highlight the blemishes so I should use an embossed paper and matt-paint it. That made me re-visit other decisions. I think a small ceiling-rose would be nice and this one suits. A pale apple green has been chosen for the walls. White for the woodwork, cream for the ceiling and some fancy colour touches on the rose. The old black fireplace is to be white and cream and the nets are cream.
I am looking forward to a trip to the curtain fabric shop in Finchley, later in the month to select fabric for the roman blinds.
The cat has been amusing herself and us by playing with the toys.

She is particularly intrigued by the ducks which glide across the stage of the "Duck Shoot"and was very helpful while my sister had a go at target practice. Even so, their combined effort has yet to reach three figures. (for those who care the current record is 390, jointly reached by Mick and me).
This game satisfies my urge to hit a moving target without hurting anything.
Talking about moving targets!!! I have no photo evidence of this, but when Tig brought in a large mouse/small rat the other day and was silly enough to put it down near the gas stove, it made itself a new home underneath. She played sphinx at the front of it for much of the next day till DJ moved the cooker out from the wall. Tig raced round to the back to take advantage of the new vista but of course, the mouse went with it. Then DJ lifted the end up and she shot underneath and came out the other side with it firmly clamped in her jaw. Split second stuff. Much praise and patting and then I booted her out to finish it off in the yard. Sometimes I rescue her prey and return it to fight another day but I reckon that this time she deserved her trophy.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Tigger sounds like a great athlete pouncing on that mouse. Our Meg (who is nearly 12 yrs old) is the best mouse catcher here. Bella just likes to catch the baby ones. I cant wait to see how your bedroom turns out with all the lovely things added to it.

chillsider said...

The bedroom sounds lovely .
So many of our few rooms need redecorating, but I have lost that surge of energy required to make a start. I can't even think of a colour to invigorate me, I just think - well I could do it again the same colour.............with inevitable results.