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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Fun and Games

The new art box has worked. I have produced the picture I am most pleased with this term.
I was more careful in my application of colours and dibble-dabble. This is what you do when you are not happy with your work so you keep adding little bits. Eventually you become quite "Rackamesque" and goblins and fairies peep out from behind the trees and twigs turn into trolls and streams ripple with gold coins.... well, something like that. This time I stopped and let it dry. Tigger spends the early hours of the morning on the top floor landing windowsill, chattering at the jackdaws which flutter from roof-gutter to phone wire. She helps me choose wool by playing with her favourite colour and has led me from the Noro blue, to some yellow and grey striped stuff for the next pair of socks.

I may yet catch up with my allotted task of one pair a month. I'm only half a month behind.
A small corner of the snug has been tidied up . DJ made suitable holes in the back of this shelving unit so that wires can be hidden and a stereo set and the printer can be housed. The records (vinyl LPs) and CDs will be stacked there and I can play music or listen to the radio while I fiddle on the computer.

As well as all that, there are games to be played. Duck Shoot has worn out more batteries than I can count since we started the challenge at christmas. It uses infra red rays to line up a pistol with the passing ducks and score.

The jaguar has also been for a tour or two and frightened the cat while in motion but as soon as it stops she attacks the aerial with the bead on top and has now bent the wire.
There is another game called "Big Loader" which goes on a track and shifts loads around a circuit, but the motor has some gears slipping and it can't climb the steep bit to offload. I shall post it next so that if anyone has a spare one in the loft, we might be able to buy a spare engine from you.
Tomorrow we take some stuff to Addison's Auctions. It's time they got some back and then we shall walk along the Tees from Barnard Castle to Egglestone Abbey and back.
It's all fun and games!
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Gillian your painting is wonderful, I really love the mysteriousness to it. It looks as though Tigger enjoys your wool nook, and the new socks look great. I am sad to say that my second pair did not get finished for February either and I might have to start another pair to get motivated again and do the blue ones at a later date.

Catherine said...

That's gorgeous, really gorgeous!

How did you do the grass, did you use masking fluid or paint around it?

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