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Sunday, 21 February 2010


Today we walked from Spennymoor town centre to Sunderland Bridge and back, via pretty Tudhoe Village. When we started out it was snowing and when we finished it was still snowing. We didn't see much of the scenery or lovely views and ate our picnic lunch sitting on a fence with our hoods, the best bit of the day (apart from the hot bath in the new bathroom on return) was this!

The carpark at Spennymoor town centre is opposite a branch of ALDI and because we were early we popped in to check out the generator on sale for £60, and came out with this tool caddy instead.

I couldn't wait to get home and transfer all my art bits into it. I love containers that hold all the useful bits of pet projects. I'm so excited, I had to tell you all Dear Readers, so that you too can avail yourself of one from your nearest branch. Me? I'm going back for more tomorrow before they all sell out at £3.99.

Cheers Gillian

ps. the snow is now coming down thick and fast and is a couple of inches deep.

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carol said...

Oh that looks fun - makes me want to paint something too. Your pics of the walk are great - I'm enjoying reading about your exploits so even if I don't comment much these days don't think I'm not following with great interest!