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Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I can now have a wee in the night without traipsing to the far, cold corner of the house. Here it is, sitting in its own little corner, all new and clean and lovely. To the side is the Shattaf, nicknamed the Shitoff by the tradies. It is the new way of including a bidet. No-one in Bishop, Darlo or Stockton had any idea what we wanted. I think some of the plumbing/bathroom outlets still think bidets are something to do with your feet. Eventually we tracked down a good one, with hot/cold mixer, on the internet and it came with fully illustrated instructions for installation, which was greatly appreciated by our plumber
It can do you backwards and frontwards and the little circular control fixes the temperature and force of water. The plumber informed me that it came out fast but was reluctant to demonstrate. It is quite a talking point and the electrician and painter have also been round for a look.
You can look too and even use it if you come to visit!
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Now Gillian that sounds very unusual but I am not going to go searching on the internet. I take it you use it instead of having to use so much toilet paper! It must be nice not having to freeze your backside off whilst traipsing to the other side of the house now. Look forward to seeing how the rest of the bathroom looks when its done.

trish said...

Classic. I think we'll all be wanting one soon.

carol said...

What a very neat idea. I miss having a bidet. When I move I shall investigate this - I wonder if it has made its way to the Far North? Only drawback - you can't put knickers and etc. to soak in it or - as my daughter once did - make 'spaghetti pie.' She was three a the time and it seemed like a good idea to her to break a whole stick of dried spaghetti into the bidet then fill it with water..

Heide said...

"reluctant to demonstrate" snort, giggle. Americans seldom have bidets or anything like this installed in their bathrooms. They are very practical. The remodel is moving right along and it looks great.