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Monday, 8 February 2010


Here's something other than house renovations or incomplete knitting (WIPs....or works in progress).
Not a new subject to this blog but a cute cat always goes down well with readers.
Pic 1 is Tigger a couple of hours ago, asleep on the couch in the snug while I checked my emails (no-one wants me to send my bank details to Nigeria to claim hidden millions but my sister sent me the Global Trivial Pursuit Challenge...Boys versus Girls...and of course us girls are winning).
I shall try to add the link here .
Then I went into the sitting room and turned on the telly and five minutes later is Pic 2.

This is the evening position, in the Asda cat-bed.
I'm now going to go and watch EastEnders but I might as well not until the 19th when "Who killed Archie" will be revealed LIVE. An oxymoron of a statement, if that is possible.
Sorry if you don't watch it, but you are probably glad.
Cheers Gillian


trish said...

glad you like the Trivial Pursuit Challenge. I don't care whether I get the answer right or wrong. I just like to watch the silly video.
It obviously bores Tigger to bits.

carol said...

Such a cute kitty - that is a very flirtatious eye!

chillsider said...

What beautiful markings Tigger has

Heide said...

Tigger is beautiful!