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Friday, 20 August 2010

Bobbins and Blankets

The weather has been so dismally unpredictable, that during the gloomy, humid spells I have resorted to some winter hobbies. We did manage a lovely walk along the cliffs yesterday clambered down steep steps to a sun-drenched cove backed by tall cliffs where we sat on the rocks and had a picnic. All on our own!
But today it is wet and grey so I continue to trade in lace-making bobbins. These are some well used and hand decorated plain sticks but they have very old buttons and bone beads as spangles, which I find more fascinating than some of the newer sparkling rhinestones I frogged a UFO and rewound the wools in order to knit squares for a blanket. They were the wools I had spun and dyed while I was in Staindrop and the yellows and greens are from the plants in that original "Walled Garden". Not enough for a garment and not regular in thickness, they are perfect for patchwork squares. The colours vary according to the type of plant, the part of the plant and the mordant used.

The stitches vary according to whether I'm watching the test match or the recent programme on the miners' strikes, "Strike: When Britain Went To War". That required concentration on the subject matter and so stocking stitch predominated. I was in Oz for the Thatcher era and much of the news footage used was new to me. I was astounded at the way the police force was manipulated and used. I was also astounded at the clear arrogance of Scargill and his petty vanity.
We walk in beautiful scenery today. The scars of the coal-mining industry have been obliterated and local knowledge is needed to point out the vestiges of the gigantic eyesores that were the pits.

I reckon there are enough squares here for a third of a throw. If the weather continues, it may not take long to complete. Time then to get the spinning wheel turning again.
Cheers Gillian


Sue said...

Your throw is looking wonderful Gillian. It seems as though you will be getting cooler weather soon. We have had snow in Mt. Macedon, Woodend and possibly Romsey this past week making Melton very cold! I think this is the coldest weather we have had in a while which means wearing all the woollies we have!

chillsider said...

I was in London during the Miners Strike, chucking pound coins into their collecting buckets as often as i could. It was confusing, as a child I wanted to rescue the miners from their terrible toil [I am claustrophobic] but now they were fighting evil Thatcher gov. to keep their jobs.
Scargill was a fool unfortunately But the real evil was the loss of work and community once the miners had been beaten.

carol said...

I have so much to catch up with here - all those bobbins!! I do love the food best though - mouth dripping in anticipation now. Think I'll go out for a pub carvery.....

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