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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sweet Success

It's difficult to fit a good "yorkshire" on the plate!
In days gone by, the yorkshire pudding was served as a starter with a load of gravy on it. This was to reduce everyone's appetite before the expensive roast meat was dished up. As children we were given yorkshire pudding as a dessert with syrup on it. This was also an economy measure.
DJ has mastered the new stove and has settled on a particular baking dish and a two egg batter mix which he now "throws together" at the drop of a hat. This time it was to accompany the Barnsley chops (two loin chops joined at the bone like a wing), mash, greens and sweetcorn. A jug of mushroom gravy awaits on the table.

Not to be outdone, the next day I bought some puff pastry. First of all I made a chicken pie. The problem with a round pie dish is that there is a strip of left over pastry from the ready-made oblong block.Left over puff pastry has to remain in its layers, so I just rolled it out flat, put it in a baking dish, pinched up the edges to make a tart and filled it with thin slices of marzipan (from a left-over xmas block at the back of the cupboard), then a layer of apple, then scattered it with currants, sprinkled it with spice and drizzled it with honey. Then baked it.

Yum, we even had the left overs for breakfast the next day with the rest of the custard.

Off now for another long walk along the prom at Seaton Carew for calorie counterwork.

Cheers Gillian


Heide said...

Mind if I join you for supper? Everything looks positively scrumptious!

Gillian said...

Any time dear Heide! and bring the family too.
Cheers Gillian and DJ