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Monday, 9 August 2010


In Oz there are ubiquitously available cooking tongs with little metal collars which slide down and keep the legs together.
Unlike these indecorously common English ones! Friends from Oz were imminently due and so I emailed them to bring some collared ones to replace the one pair I had left.
A fantastic selection arrived. Large, medium, small, silicone tipped and the everyday, tinny ones. Enough for a lifetime maybe. I shall not claim so in case they seem to run out too soon.

We toured the Moors and the Dales. This is a view not far from Reeth in Swaledale.

This is a sheep not far from Reeth in Swaledale.

And this is Richmond in Swaledale. The one in Melbourne does not have a coat of arms!
S and K are "en vacance" for a while and have now taken off in a hire car to see more Dales and find the Lake District. We also managed to fit in Robin Hood's Bay, Durham City and Cathedral, shopping, eating and a night out at the Gala Theatre in Durham to see a comedy show.
We shall remain "chez nous" today and go off to see the Tall Ships leave Hartlepool tomorrow.
Cheers Gillian

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chillsider said...

Ta very much for the pics of Swallowdale, we will bring our wellies. Much appreciated.
My ma ["she's 89 you know"] coached up to Hartlepool with 3 equally determined old crones on Sunday to see the Tall Ships. So if you stood next to a a crooked old lady at some point telling everyone what was going on, and why, that was probably my ma.