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Sunday, 28 November 2010


I'm fond of alliteration but DJ "the fire raiser" likes puns. Lots of Dickensian stuff was bandied around for a title and "all I want for xmas" and trite things like that were mentioned but I went with the pun in the end. The snow is quite a few inches deep around here and special toilet facilities have been set up inside (and well used! sorry bit too much info) for Princess Tigger. She still seems to like to explore outside between snow flurries.
Inside the house, she continues to attack all biros/ballpoints as if they are prey. She particularly like the clicky ones. Good fangs shown here. Dozens of biros lurk beneath large/heavy items of furniture. And it wont be long before she tries to get the bird at the top of this tree. We missed the Scarborough auction because of the weather, so we went into Watson's today to view Tuesday's lots. There is a "Braaq" similar to the ones we missed out on at Tennants a couple of weeks ago. When we got home, we put together the xmas tree, had lunch and went to Sainsbury's for milk, came home and then...DJ did a bit of fire raising in the kitchen range. It is its first use since moving in. We had the chimney swept a couple of months ago and we wanted to test the sea-coal.

We need a proggy mat in front of the hearth but they took each family a year to make and I want one tomorrow. We were advised by a bloke we met on the beach with his metal detector, while we were coal-gleaning, that we would need a spark-guard because seacoal tended to explode!!!

He was so right. We have contained some minor explosions behind our hastily bought "Argos" guard. The bloke on the beach said that some seacoal could cause damage to the far wall!!!
Well, we are ready for another winter like last one. Plenty of fuel and fireplaces.
Slow cooker is on with a casserole in it and I didn't cook it. Lovely life up north.
Cheers Gillian


chillsider said...

Finally got a depth of snow here in the South today. before it hasn't been much to boast about. Talk of auctions reminded me when I used to go to Durham auction. There once was a steadily diminishing pile of bentwood chairs sold in small groups. I was young and poor and kept dropping out of the bidding, till they all went. Auctioneer was frustrated with me and called me Sir at one point [Miranda?] Quite emotionally wounding. Think that was the last time I have had short hair.

Heide said...

Tigger is so beautiful! We only had a light dusting of snow 10 days ago, and since then, nothing but rain. Love the whole idea of sea coal. What a cool and useful thing to find and use.

carol said...

Very many congratulatins (see also my blog!) It's wonderful news.

Lovely photos of sea and snow. we've seen rather too much of the later here and are about to get more.