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Monday, 29 August 2011

Size Matters

Here is a goodly part of the tomato crop chez nous. A handsome collection and probably a few more to come. We are proud of them. They were grown without assistance from glasshouse, fertiliser and know-how, in one of the coldest corners of England.Here they are artfully posed beside a mug. And again artfully tossed into a cup and saucer.

However, the truth of the matter is that they are only this big. The mug was DJ's "tea" mug and the cup and saucer are espresso sized.

They will not provide passata for the long winter months as Italian families expect their backyard crop to do. Indeed, they will hardly provide a part of a lunch snack. But they grew in Bishop Auckland outside in the garden. Next year we may be bold enough to try again and expand our kitchen garden to include the rest of the salad.

Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

Thank you for the chuckle - and well done (seriously) for growing anything edible at all. I have lots of herbs in my garden but no veggies or fruit yet. Next year perhaps I will have a small lean-to. I do like the idea!