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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Size and Scale

DJ loves trucks. In fact he loves most things on wheels with an engine.
Barnard Castle had a "Truck Show" over the long weekend and because it's only a few miles away, we went. There were one or two leaving early to head back to Scotland but the rest were still on show. They let us in for £5 instead of £8 and we had a great look round.

They were lined up and down and again and again. I've never seen so many trucks in one place before. This was a gorgeous vintage truck with it's engine under the flat bed of the truck and cab. Not many of them around apparently. DJ's favourite was this full-on show with a bonnetted unit. It's like a jewelled outfit to him.

Anyway, we managed to spend some time between rain-showers, doing over three of the hanging baskets with winter pansies and variegated ivy. And...I harvested some carrots.

As you can see they match the quality and grandeur of the tomatoes.

You will be relieved to know that we have no further vegetables in the kitchen garden (two small pots) but the herbs are still doing well and the crab apples are turning a lovely gold colour. They will be the next ingredient in some culinary marvel.

Hope you all have some kitchen garden stuff you are pleased with. Do you find that much of the fun which results from a glut of home-growns is working out what to do with it all?

Hope so.

Cheers Gillian

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keewee said...

Gillian, my veggie garden really produced this year. Can't help but feel excited about that. Makes me think I am finally getting the hang of growing vegetables. *grin*