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Monday, 5 September 2011


I adore doing jigsaws. I buy them at Op Shops which is the Oz name for charity shops. It is short for opportunity shops. I was returning a couple of completed ones and looking for further supplies when I spotted this one. It is ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS. It is quite large and beautifully made. Every piece is a different shape. There is a full size poster to go with it which is the size of the finished jigsaw, otherwise it would be tricky to read some of the small writing on the box lid.

First of all I sorted out the edges. These pieces will have to be left to the end because they are all pretty identical...white with a black line through! Then I sorted out all the plain white pieces. These two groups went into bags for ron (later). Then I sorted the stratigraphic sequence of the rocks and the bits with big writing and assembled them all. Day two, I gathered the coastal pieces into three piles...England & Wales, Scotland and Probably Ireland. These were in order of my geographic knowledge. And I completed the coastline of England.

Day three was spent completing Great Britain and then Ireland. The rest of the bits with stuff on them, were inserted and the puzzle was pulled together.

It's all beginning to look rather grand. It's now day five! The white bits and edges are still in their bags and the jigsaw has to be turned through ninety degrees so that it will all fit on the table. A tablecloth has gone over the top so that we can still eat in comfort and it will probably stay there a while. I'll get on with life and post a pic when it's finished.

Cheers for now


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carol said...

You have much more patience than me. It does look amazing!