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Monday, 19 September 2011


We stopped for the first night away in France at a place called Louviers, south of Rouen. We parked up at the site and then decided that four hairpin bends back to town was too much to walk and drove the "Van Persie" back down into the town-centre car park and wandered round a really lovelyold French town. We popped into a small food-mart and bought the basics for the next 24 hours and then wandered.
The Notre Dame Church was being given a major overhaul, in and out. Most of their saints and martyrs had become bereft of some limbs. It became a familiar pattern as we moved on. The next stop was at Chartre after some parking negotiations. Chartres Cathedral is amazing and asymetrical. Below is the side with the best display of missing limbs.

And this one is Orlean where we went looking for Joan. We found a great second hand book sale set up in the main square. The most popular books seemed to be childrens (well kept) and student/school books of a VINTAGE rather than antiquarian age.

More to come.

Cheers gillian

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carol said...

Oh dear some are 'eadless as well as 'armless. There should be a joke there about the Revolution but I can't think of it yet.

Nice pics. I hope I see France again - and eat in France. Trust you did some dining put.