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Thursday, 29 September 2011


While we were at St. Cado in Brittany on the Ria d'Etel, it was the "Great Pardon". This is an annual but movable feast and the statue of St Cado is moved by men, on their shoulders, while everyone who knows the words, sings along. The words were sung all day and they were the same ones. There is only one hymn to St Cado and it was sung well. Apparently Cado the saint came from Wales and was washed into the ria and landed on the isle of Cado. At the celebration of the Grand Pardon, we are all swept along singing the same hymn all day.We trudged across the bridge and smiled at one another.Then the weather turned wonderful.

On our return from France we decided to venture out.
We went to Castle Howard. We had to drive up Sutton Bank. An amazingly steep gradient and always one of the first places to close in icy weather. And then we followed the signs till we got there.
I loved this statue with its see-through marble. There were hundreds of statues, inside and out but this one stopped me in my tracks. The whole place is amazing and on a really grand scale.

A couple of years ago I used to rank cheese scones in my blog.

I must admit that Castle Howard scones are highly priced but so is everything in the shop and cafe

But this was the BEST cheese scone ever eaten by me. I don't know what it cost but if it's price is reflected by the rest of the food and giftie stuff then it wasn't cheap. But it was heavenly. 10/10

Cheers Gillian


chillsider stitching and opinions said...

France looked a good experience.
I remember Sutton bank well. We chanced upon it a year or so back all unknowing and I was terrified we would get stuck half way up. Incredibly steep. I think it was that English thing of fearing the embarrassment if we conked out.

carol said...

Oh that cheese scone! My very favourite! I'm trying to abstain from all floury stuff just now but my intention is seriously weakened by your photo! I want to rush home and cook up a batch....