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Saturday, 27 August 2011

So I Baked a Cake!

The biscuit tin contained quite a few stale biscuits. Some were old ginger nuts from Lidl and others were fine cookies with stem ginger from a posh shop. DJ is very fond of ginger, but these were all past it.

I googled "what to do with left over ginger biscuits" and got some disappointing results. I thought there would be thousands of things you could do with a few old ginger nuts. But no. Zut alors! (practising my french for the foray abroad). At last I came up with a lovely recipe for a ginger cheesecake. I haven't ever baked a cheesecake before but the important factor...the use of the old biscuits...made me decide to have a go.

I set off to buy cream cheese, sour cream, a lime and....a cake pan.

Yes, it's a beauty. But it cost over six pounds and I was buying it to use up some old biscuits.!!!

I followed the recipe to the letter because, not only have I never made a baked cheesecake before, but I have never made a successful cake of any sort before. My sponges erupt like a volcano and my fruit cakes slump in the middle and have patches of raw bottom no matter how long I cook them for. ( As I write this I remember a remarkably glorious xmas cake I made last year. So unusual that I forgot it, but I blogged it so I can't pretend otherwise). Read on...

It worked.

I often go wrong because I can't help trying to improve on a recipe. I resisted the temptation until I got to the sour cream topping at the end and added lime juice and zest.

Most amazingly, it not only slid out of the cake tin with ease, but it also cut into slices like the ones you get in teashops. WOW.

I hope I can get the link to work so that you can share the recipe. Nope! here it is in full

Cheers Gillian


Sue said...

I have never made a cheesecake before but I do like the tartness of baked ones. Yours looks delicious!

Heide said...

That looks divine!

carol said...

I'm going to try it ASAP - is it cheating if the ginger biccies aren't old?