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Monday, 26 December 2011

Lumix Me Up

We went down onto the beach to join the crowds. It was quite windy up on the esplanade and not much better below. This year the brave and foolish started from the Staincliffe Hotel so they had quite a jog along the top and then even further down the beach because it was low tide. Some started on the beach!

Getting up and down to the beach is still tricky cos there are limited stairs available and the longer they leave it the less there are! These new ones are half under sand and disappearing fast.

Well, I'm very pleased with the new camera. It takes pics quickly and in focus. These were all done on "intelligent automatic" and needed no tweaking. The ones from the fuji were getting dingier and gloomier and I was having to do quite a bit of restoration using the windows photo package to liven these up. I can now go back to honest shots. At least until I've worked out all the wonders the software can perform!

Cheers again



chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Happy New Year with your new camera.

hippyhat said...

Hi Gillian and a Happy New Year!
We were down south for christmas and came across a (very brave) bathing party on Seaford beach on Boxing Day - a bit different from our sandy beach, more like a machine for stone-washing denims with the flinty rocks chucking around in a boiling sea!
pamela x

carol said...

Happy New Year. What sort camera is it ? I got Lumix but would like details!

Love the moose hat! Did you cook lunch in it? So nice to see more f you, your house and your fun!